Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday 12/29 (Very) Quickie:
Pats, CFB Bowls, Blazers, Ole Miss, More!

Pats: The countdown to 16-0 is on... (Per this NYT story, at least the Pats recognize that 16-0 is meaningless unless they win a Super Bowl; in fact, if they don't win a Super Bowl, all 16-0 does is turn a playoff loss into the biggest choke in sports history.)

Bowls Wrap: Matt Ryan ends college career with 3 TDs in BC W over Michigan St (BC has won 8 straight bowl games)... TCU beat Houston 20-13 in the Texas Bowl (because I know you weren't watching)... Oregon State tops Maryland in the Emerald Bowl (Yvenson Bernard: 177 yards, ending his career as the No. 6 all-time rusher in Pac-10 history)...

NBA: Sizzling Blazers win 12th straight... Dwight Howard's 29 and 20 was enough to counter Wade's 48 in a battle to show which team is Florida's best (it's Orlando)... AI scores 39 in Nuggets win over the Warriors...

NFL: Colts give Bob Sanders, arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, a 5Y/$37.5M extension (Does anyone else wonder how the Colts can continue to give out these massive deals to their stars and stay under the cap? Amazing.)

CBB: Ole Miss -- still unbeaten!... Meanwhile, Eddie Sutton is stuck at 798 wins because San Francisco lost to Weber State last night (Wouldn't it be ironic if he came back selfishly to win 800 games but USF didn't win another game this season under him?)

Tennis/Gambling: Maria Sharapova says women's tennis is clean. My response: How would she know? Does that mean if a reporter had asked her if the men's game is dirty a year ago, she would have said it wasn't? She has no idea.

This Jim Leyritz story is pretty nuts.

-- D.S.


John said...

God I hope the Pats go 19-0, just so we never have to see or hear Mercury Morris ever again.

Unknown said...

Too much Instant History. Bad Dan.

The "Biggest Choke in Sporting History" will remain the 2004 NY Yankees ALCS performance.

Football players and teams can have a bad game, sustain one key injury, have a series of bad calls from the officials... one loss does not a choke make. You should know that.

One More Dying Quail said...


I disagree that a Patriots playoff loss would be the biggest choke in sports history.

Would it be huge? Of course. Probably top three or five. But the number one spot is still reserved for the 3004 New York Yankees.

If the Pats lose, it's because a team managed to outplay them for one game. The Yankees, on the other hand, had to win one out of four games, two of them at home, and lost all four.

Steve said...

john, if the Pats go 19-0 the Massholes will make Mercury look like the most understated person ever. I don't think you understand the ramifications of it. You need to pull for the Patriots to lose any time before the Super Bowl. If the Colts will beat them in the AFC Championship it will be the greatest Karmic Choke of all time and will serve them right. Screw Massholes. After all their shit talk about Manning they deserve that.

Kurt said...

One more dying quail, look at it from the other side...The 2007 New England Patriots are favored by 20+ points every game..they aren't supposed to lose. I'm not sure the 2004 New York Yankees were favored to win the ALCS going in. Sure they lost 4 in a row, but they won 3 in a row before that. I don't think losing in 7 games in a series you aren't favored to win is that much of a choke.