Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday 12/23 (Very) Quickie

I'm about an hour outside of Jacksonville... should I make my first pilgrimage to see "my" "favorite" team play in person today?

College Hoops Feast: Watched more college hoops yesterday than I had any other day all season long. Yesterday's day-/night-long run of good games made me feel like the season finally started. Headlining the day: Memphis is the best team in the country... (Yes, even better than UNC, who has yet to rack up a win as impressive as the Tigers over the Hoyas.)

More: I'm still sticking with UCLA to win the national title... Michigan State racked up a huge win over Texas, establishing them as the Big Ten's team to beat (again)... Oregon might as well call itself Upset U., because they seem to be the Top 25 always on the wrong end of results against unranked teams this season... How legit is undefeated Ole Miss? They beat previously undefeated Clemson... Oh, and Florida will NOT be repeating as champs.

Bowl Mania: B YU needed a blocked FG to beat fiesty UCLA... New Mexico won its first bowl in nearly a half-century, blanking Nevada in a virtual home game... Cincy beats Southern Miss, giving first-year coach Brian Kelly extra momentum heading into 2008, where the Bearcats could be favored to win the Big East.

FSU won't bring 36 players to Music City Bowl: Do they owe it to Kentucky (or FSU fans) to forfeit? (Hey, how about if we put together an all-star team of all players from bowl-eligible teams who aren't playing in bowls?)

NFL: Cowboys beat Panthers: No, Jessica Simpson didn't show up... yes, Terrell Owens' ankle injury is worth tracking as Dallas attempts to win the NFC for the right to lose to the Pats in the Super Bowl. Apparently, John Fox's job is totally safe in Carolina.

NBA: Chris Bosh scores 42 in a Raptors loss to the Suns. But needless to say, Bosh seems fully recovered from that early-season injury.... How about Yi's season-high 29?... Dwyane Wade: Buzzer-beater -- yeah, he's ready for his Xmas Day game against LeBron.

-- D.S.


bird said...

Regarding the Gator basketball game yesterday--it WAS the first out-of-state game for them, and yes, it was not a pretty sight. My guess is that if they can win at least 9 more games (possible since the SEC is not exactly a powerhouse this year), they will make the Big Dance in March. Anything beyond that is pure gravy; remember that expectations for the '04's were very low at this point in their careers, too!

Brian said...

Why won't Florida win it all this year? Did they lose this weekend? Oh that's right, they lost to Ohio State. Kind of glossed over that little detail, Dan?

Lou Pickney said...

Dan: The Music City Bowl sold out right away, all sales final, even if it's FSU extra-lite coming to play. And money makes the college bowl world go round...