Monday, February 25, 2008

Baseball Prospectus 2008 Arrives!

Baseball Prospectus 2008 goes on sale today. It has become an absolute must-read for any/every baseball fan. I got my copy on Friday and have been engorging myself on it all weekend. It is filled with all of the amazing insight you have come to expect.

Here's the best part: It includes a phenomenal new feature called "PECOTA Leaderboards," which is incredibly helpful if you are participating in fantasy baseball. I'd put my faith in PECOTA before I would in some random expert's qualitative opinion. (Hope Football Prospectus adopts the same feature when they do their pre-season annual in the fall.)

My only gripe? BP's PECOTA Leaderboard lists are limited to Top 10s, 15s and 20s, depending on the category. How about Top 50? Anyone in a fantasy league needs that kind of depth at the margins, particularly to unearth the gems.

Of course, you could just read through the entire BP2K8 to discover those nuggets -- come to think of it, that's probably where most of the fun is.

- D.S.

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Ryan Roberts said...

I hope you mean gorging, not engorging yourself. Either way, I can tell you enjoy it.