Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday 05/17 (Very) Quickie

The Lakers finally broke the home-court thing in the NBA conference semis, dispatching the Jazz in a Game 6 in Utah. Think they are rooting for the Hornets or what?

Meanwhile, the Celtics continue to go winless on the road, setting themselves up for a much tougher Game 7 in Boston than they had with the Hawks: LeBron is no Josh Childress.

(And even if Boston wins, it still does nothing to quell fears they are ultimately doomed for not being able to win on the road - putting pressure on them to win EVERY game at home.)

MLB: The Josh Hamilton Comeback Story has been one of the best in baseball this decade (second only to Rick Ankiel, only with coke instead of HGH...comebacks don't come easy, y'know). But last night was his best game yet: 2 HR, 5 RBI, 5-5, 4 R, BB. Amazing.

Speaking of amazing, Jayson Werth had 3 HR and 8 RBI -- 8!!! (Alfonso Soriano also had a 2-HR game).

Rays handcuff the Cards in St. Louis: Of all the projections of the solid Rays rotation, who had Andy Sonnenstine at 6 wins?

D'backs beat Tigers: AL, NL it doesn't matter -- the D'backs keep winning, and the Tigers keep losing.

Spygate (sigh-gate): Bill Belichick calls Matt Walsh's allegations "absurd." This from a self-admitted cheater, so consider the source. (By the way, by reacting -- in any way -- Belichick keeps this story alive.)

Oscar Pistorius declared eligible to run in the Olympics: This is really, really big. By putting it at the bottom, I don't mean to diminish how big it is.

Not only does it set up the most must-see, most-watched moment of the Olympics in 2008, but it creates an entire new barrier being broken in sports -- bionic athletes.

Interestingly, yesterday I had a disagreement with someone about this: I argued that Speedo's new LZR swimsuits -- which have been obliterating records since being introduced a few months ago -- are a similar external enhancement as the prosthetics that Pistorius uses.

Now, that's not entirely (or even remotely) accurate (Michael Phelps would still be Olympic-record fast without the new suit; Pistorius would not be an Olympic runner without his prosthetics), but both speak to the emerging influence of technology on competitors...and competition.

-- D.S.


John said...

So Matt Walsh is a "winner" for going on a PR tour and now you're criticizing Belichick for giving one interview explaining his side of the story? Your clear dislike of the Patriots is really annoying.

Qwagmire said...

Pistorius still has not run a fast enough race to qualify yet.

However, if his relay team qualifies, even without him, he can run the relays without qualifying.

Heres wishing him luck, it doesn't look like he lost his cojones!