Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunday 05/18 (Very) Quickie

Big Brown wins Preakness: OK, so NOW we can talk about the Triple Crown, probably one of the Top 5 most respected accomplishments in sports.

Candace Parker's WNBA debut: 34 points. Hmm...I think she's going to be good at this.

MLB: Ryan Ludwick makes me regret not picking him up off the fantasy waiver wire before last weekend. I missed him, and now I'm kicking myself, particularly after his 2-HR performance yesterday.

Tale of Two Santanas: Johan gets his 5th win for the Mets, against the Yankees no less. And Ervin was hit with his first loss of the season, against the Dodgers.

Ryan Braun hits No. 11. OK, so after his monster HR week last week AND his big new deal with the Brewers, I think it's time I got a replica jersey T-shirt. (I can't get the actual jersey, but I am willing to go to the jersey T-shirt level.)

-- D.S.

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