Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday 05/07 A.M. Quickie:
KG, Kobe, Floyd, Idol, APR, More Tebow

KG may not have been named NBA MVP, but he sure put on an MVP performance last night.

That's the lead of my Sporting News column this morning, where I slap Pierce and Allen (and, oh yes, LeBron) for ineffectiveness, before praising KG's series-defining performance.

Considering the stats and the circumstances, it was the worst game of LeBron's career -- and missing the very clear chance to steal Game 1 in Boston (given the Celtics' massive problems on the road in the playoffs) may be the game LeBron regrets most in his career.

It was your average night in MLB: Gavin Floyd almost threw a no-hitter, Josh Hamilton continued to surge through the season, Scott Olsen continued to tempt with his talent (even if he's a bit of a hot-head). Oh, and Joba lost the game for the Yankees in the 9th; time to start him.

I question whether lowering academic standards is worth it if it means taking your football program from chump to champ; I side firmly with David (Cook) over David (Archuleta); and I praise A-Rod for fainting during his daughter's birth.

Oh, and more from the Tebow-circumcision beat. Because that's the greatest story ever.

Here's the link to the column. I'm traveling today, so unlikely to post this afternoon, but I'll see what happens.

UPDATE: If you haven't read Spencer Hall's interview with Buzz Bissinger, it really is one of the best give-and-takes of the past week's Bissinger meme.

-- D.S.

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