Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday 05/04 (Very) Quickie

The death on the track of Eight Belles was arguably the most dramatic unscripted moment of non-sports sports television in a long time.

When the doctor was interviewed and so decisively (and even casually) said "euthanized," it was shocking, but without the forced build-up of most sports TV. It was just... there.

What it WAS was humane, in a way that we didn't see with Barbaro.

Meanwhile, what a spectacular Game 1 win for the Hornets over the Spurs. What a spectacular moment for David West to have a career-playoff-high of 30. (And what a reality check for the Magic, who got clocked by the Pistons.)

I would pay a lot to see the Hawks shock the Celtics today, but I have zero expectations that it will happen.

Dodgers win 8th straight
Jose Bautista (again!)
Cristian Guzman (6 RBI)
How about Mike Mussina's resurgence
Ted Lilly has 1000 career Ks?
Brandon Webb is unstoppable
Red Sox take it out on James Shields
Chase Utley hits HR No. 13 in a loss
(Yeah, Utley should have been my April NL MVP.)

Mavs close to a deal with Rick Carlisle? Ugh: What an uninspiring choice. More tomorrow in the SN column.

Lost in all the drama, Big Brown's run was one of the most impressive I have ever seen. He rode a LOT further than the horses on the inside of the track, yet still pulled away in the end.

-- D.S.

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Solving the worlds problems said...

The most impressive thing about Big Brown's win was it went exactly as trainer Dutrow predicted it would in a pre-race interview with Bob Costas. As someone who gets sucked into this month of horse racing every year, I have never seen a triple crown winning. I think this horse might have the ability to do it. After seeing the trouble both trainer and jockey have gone through, I am rooting for that horse...