Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday 05/03 (Very) Quickie: Hawks!

It's Derby Day!

How can you not love the Hawks? (And how can you not be rooting for the Hawks to beat the Celtics in Game 7? Atlanta deserves it more.)

Cavs boot Wizards...again: If you're a Wiz fan (like me), this story has gotten SO old. Being bounced in Game 6 in DC makes it even more annoying.

Jazz boot Rockets...again: Houston fans go home with the consolation prize of that 22-game winning streak, which was more fun than however-far they would have gone in the playoffs anyway.

Marvin Harrison.

LSU has no chance of repeating as champ next season: Not without talented (and troubled) QB Ryan Perrilloux, who will undoubtedly transfer to a 1-AA school (App State?) and run wild.

MLB: Tim Hudson, Skip Schumaker, Chien-Ming Wang, Jose Bautista, Shaun Marcum, Dan Uggla, Hunter Pence and More!

Scott Skiles has hired Kelvin Sampson as an assistant on the Bucks: No need to worry about his phone habits in the pros.

-- D.S.


WuzUpG said...

Where's the mention of the Sharks' OT win? In this series, the team that scores the first goal loses.

pv845 said...

that is just horrible about the second place horse.

BobbyStompy said...

Atlanta deserves it more? Could ypu lease explain that...

Travis said...

Why would Appalachian State want the LSU QB when they have Armanti Edwards?

Now Delaware could be a good fit with Joe Flacco gone to the NFL. Also he could get interest from Georgia Southern who graduated QB and Payton winner Jayson Foster.