Thursday, May 01, 2008

New York Times Play Magazine Newsletter Lead Essay: BCS Is Damned Either Way

There's the pretty "front page" of the NYT Play newsletter, or you can go straight to the essay itself.

For regulars, this will be a familiar "SEC-ede" campaign -- now with more any legitimacy!


Natsfan74 said...

Dan, I don't think it is real legitimacy, when it is still your idea, just presented in a different forum (by the same author even). It will not be real, or living outside your own active imagination, until someone else takes up the cause. And no, your wife and your in-laws don't count. It has to be a legitimate sports figure.

Luke Bell said...

Wait, let me recap:

1. The current system is flawed and the lack of a playoff doesn't produce a valid national championship.

2. The SEC is the best conference "by far", as it has the last two national championships form a system that you admit is flawed (see #1).

3. Because one conference wins two flawed championships in a row, they should leave the flawed system that created their titles in the first place.

I just want to make sure I follow that. Especially since, without the BCS, the SEC wouldn't have even been in the last two title games. I am all for a playoff system, but this idea is so dumb that, if it were a football player, would be too dumb to be admitted to an SEC school--and that's saying a lot.