Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday 05/01 A.M. Quickie:
MLB Awards, Celtics, Wiz, BCS, More

Update: Gilbert Arenas done with blogging? Truly a "say it ain't so" moment for sports bloggers and fans.

Nothing captures the essence of "instant history"
found in the baseball season like "awards" handed out after the first month of the season is over. Who wins my awards? You'll have to check out the lead of today's Sporting News column.


The Celtics may seem to have their series with the Hawks in hand, but the fact that it has taken THIS long means that the Hawks win, no matter what happens...

The Wizards just gave a big "f-u" to the Cavs, Cavs fans, the media and the NBA. DC will be rocking tomorrow night at the Verizon Center...

I wouldn't hire Avery Johnson, would you?

Cliff Lee. Max Scherzer. Ervin Santana. Geovany Soto. Micah Owings.

The BCS will stay as-is until 2014. The Plus-One was DOA (thankfully, because it's an idea I hate). If you want a playoff, perhaps you will now take my not-so-crazy idea seriously that the SEC lead a "SEC-ession" from the BCS to form a new playoff group. If you hate the current system, it cannot be a worse outcome.

Who bets on the Derby? Please remember that for all of my many many (many) predictive misses, I did pick Barbaro to win the Derby.

More later today. I worked on a "final thoughts" about the whole Bissinger thing, which I may or may not post later. (If you see Bissinger's quotes in the NY Times column about the Buzz-Blogs brouhaha, you will see that he is unrepentant and shows not even a smidgen of changed attitude about anything. How enlightened of him. Extremism, in any form and from any corner, is bad.)

-- D.S.


danwise1856 said...

At least Dan did not rag on the Big Ten or Pac Ten. I was shocked to see that all the conferences, including the SEC, were against changing the current system. He could have mentioned that but it would have given props to the Big Ten and Pac Ten

Quick quesiton for everyone. Was LeBron fouled? The reason I ask is because a lot of my friends do not like the NBA because they do not call fouls equally. Why is that a foul with 20 seconds left but not at the buzzer?

dance said...

I don't understand the point of a blog that doesn't link. Why would you not link to the NYT piece you mention for your readers? I can see why the Sporting News pays you, because you used to never link at all, and now you link to them all the time--and apparently exclusively. Do you have some sort of philosophy about not-linking, or are you just lazy?

TC said...

I have to utterly disagree about Derrek Lee. I actually find it hard to believe that anyone could be named Best Player in April other than Utley. Offensively, he's been better than absolutely everyone in baseball (the only player who is even close is probably Chipper Jones), and he plays a tougher defensive position than Lee does, and he's better at 2B than Lee is at 1B. Baffling pick. For that matter, Max Scherzer's impressive 4IP in no way outdo Soto's stranglehold on the Best Catcher title thus far.

dance said...

Uh, thanks for adding the link.

I still find the habitual failure to link confusing, though. This is a question I've had since before the Sporting News gig, when you would post all sorts of one-liners, yet offer nothing to help the reader follow up. It just doesn't make sense to me--the ability to link to more information is one of the most useful and innovative functions of electronic text (although sometimes abused). Why act like you are writing on paper?