Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday 04/27 (Very) Quickie

NFL Draft Mania: You can find most of my first-round gut-reaction analysis on my Twitter page here, with my favorite analysis being that the Falcons would have been better off with Glenn Dorsey and Brian Brohm than Matt Ryan and Curtis Lofton. Oh, and Darren McFadden's Raiders jersey will be the NFL's top seller for a rookie.

The 2nd Round Highlights: The first WR is taken (and I'll bet that NO experts predicted either that zero WRs would go in the first round or that Avery would be the first to get taken)... Skins get a steal in Devin Thomas... Brian Brohm wins the "Most Lost Money By Not Turning Pro Early When He Should Have" Award, going late in the 2nd to the Packers, who create an instant QB controversy... Chad Henne is the anti-Brohm, jumping into the late 2nd (just behind Brohm) and joining Michigan teammate Jake Long in Miami (though both Henne and Brohm dropped further than they were projected to go)... Jacksonville adds to the DE stockpile, getting Quentin Groves to go with Derrick Harvey... Loved the Ravens taking Ray Rice... Loved the Bucs taking App State's Dexter Jackson... more coming tomorrow, particularly when the later rounds finish up today.

Instant buzz over whether a team had a great or bad draft can not only impact them today and tomorrow, but all offseason: The Chiefs were the consensus big winners, with the Dolphins and Steelers joining them at the top. But KC was definitely the big winner (and, surprise surprise, it starts because they got Glenn Dorsey -- do you hear anyone saying that the Falcons were a Top 5 "winner" in the Draft? No. Thank you.)

NBA: Jazz and Magic both go up 3-1... did anyone see the Hawks winning a game vs. the Celtics? Well, they did.... The Lakers are about to sweep out the Nuggets... wasn't everyone saying that the West playoffs were going to be epic? This first round kind of sucks.

Let me be clear: The Bobcats hiring Larry Brown would be the biggest mistake in franchise history -- oh, besides letting Michael Jordan be the top exec with the decision-making power to actually hire Larry Brown.

Stanford hires Duke's Johnny Dawkins: Not bad, not exciting either.

More later.

-- D.S.

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