Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday 04/30 A.M. Quickie:
Bissinger, Suns, Scherzer, BCS, More

I should have led my Sporting News column today with the Buzz Bissinger thing, because that's all anyone who reads blogs is going to be hearing about or talking about this morning. See the post just below this one for my take just after the segment was over, along with links to posts from Will Leitch himself, along with Brian from Awful Announcing.

UPDATE: Orson/Spencer from EDSBS has an amazing post-Bissinger post. What's amazing is that Bissinger isn't inducing outrage; he is inducing even more great work from bloggers (and, yes, some sense of solidarity). But, mostly, thoughtful reactions.

AJ Daulerio weighs in, on Deadspin.

Postman R had a comment on Will's Deadspin post that last night effectively ended the MSM-Blogger schism. I don't think so, though: See Will's point that many in the MSM (Costas, Albom, Wilbon) undoubtedly thought that Bissinger spoke for all of them. That's kind of scary.

UPDATE: Ken Tremendous/Michael Schur from Fire Joe Morgan (who was in the taped piece that ran before the live Bissinger self-immolation).

UPDATE 2: Bissinger is No. 58 on Google Trends' Top 100 most-searched terms at 9:30 a.m. ET. It is likely the highest he has ever been ranked. Tracking...

Meanwhile, the Suns should be imploded -- at least, if they want to win a title -- because the team as currently configured ain't beating the Spurs in the playoffs... ever. And they're likely to lose Mike D'Antoni to the Knicks anyway.

That goes double for the Mavs, who seem even further away from an NBA title -- even a West title (hell, even getting out of the first round) -- than the Suns. Trade/fire EVERYONE, Cubes.

Meanwhile, Max Scherzer: Whoa.

The BCS ain't getting solved anytime soon.

If you thought the NBA Playoffs were lame, check out the NHL Playoffs... even lamer. And that's in the conference semifinals.

And I compare Clemens to Ronaldo: They both got their troubles....

You can find it all in today's Sporting News column, with more here at later today.

-- D.S.

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John said...

I hope the D-Backs put Scherzer in the rotation ASAP and don't give him the Joba treatment. A rotation of Webb, Haren, Owings, Scherzer and Johnson would just be awesome to watch.