Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday 05/02 A.M. Quickie:
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It's the Friday before the Kentucky Derby, so you know what that means: My bringing up that I successfully predicted Barbaro would win the Derby. But the larger service I'm trying to provide in my Sporting News column this morning is to help you pick your horse based on its name. What other criteria would you use?

Meanwhile, you might say that it's too early to read into the Cubs-Brewers and A's-Angels mid-week series results (Brewers 2-1, OAK-LAA split), but I say that come September, both teams will look back and wish the results were more in their favor. Meanwhile, look at Detroit: One game under .500 and only 1.5 games worse off than they were on April 1, if they want to win the division.

Of course the Pistons dispatched the Sixers, and my pre-playoff prediction that Detroit would/could/should beat the Celtics looks pretty good right now, even if Boston manages to finish off the Hawks in Atlanta tonight.

There's a lot more in the column today, so check it out.

Still trying to get a Bissinger-related meta-post out there, even if it was THE topic yesterday (perhaps run its course, with today's thoughts being stale, particularly for a blog that purports to be all about the instant history.)

-- D.S.


John said...

Wait a sec...why should the Pistons (and you) be encouraged by what they are seeing from the Celtics? It just took the Pistons six games to beat the Sixers and if it takes the Celtics six games to beat the Hawks...what's the difference? If the Celtics won last night and the Pistons didn't play until tonight, would you have said the opposite today? Of course not.

Michael W said...

Too bad the Perrilloux story broke after your Friday column went up. Would love to hear your take on it, being an SEC guy.

Michael W said...

Hey John... guess that would have sounded smarter if the Celtics actually took care of business in Game 6.