Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday 06/25 A.M. Quickie:
NBA Draft, Maple Bats, Shaq and More

I was just reminded that this insane Steve Nash celebrity soccer match on the Lower East Side is happening today at 5:30. I wish I could go -- the crowds will be INSANE, I would imagine. But what a fun exhibition. Hopefully, it will make it's way to YouTube shortly after it ends.

Meanwhile, I'm totally immersed in NBA Draft. My Mock Draft Top 10 leads my Sporting News column today, although I waffled between assigning each team the player I think they will draft and accounting for trades by simply slotting the player where I think he'll go.

Will OJ Mayo go No. 3? Almost assuredly. Will he go to the team currently drafting 3rd (T'wolves)? Very likely not. The same could be said for Beasley, which makes this draft one of the most intriguing in recent memory, even if -- beyond the Top 2 or 3 -- there is skepticism how much superstar impact any of the draftees might have.

Anyway, worth noting: Much like my work during the Super Bowl in February, I will be Twittering the draft, rather than live-blogging it. I will make sure that the Twitter feed is at the top of the blog, if you want to check it out here. Otherwise, you can always "follow" my Twitter feed. I promise it will be fast and furious, with a healthy mix of instant hysteria, derision and scorn for the analysts and the usual focus on fashion. (My draft-fashion columns for Page 2 were annually among my favorite to write and most widely read, probably for the coveted "Bar-Mitzvah Boy" and "Best in Show" awards.)

Beyond the draft, I'm intrigued by this MLB maple-bat situation -- which got its poster story with the ump's bleeding face. And some wild MLB history-making last night: The Pirates first win against the Yankees in the regular season EVER? The Orioles first-ever win at Wrigley Field?

Meanwhile, the line of the column probably comes at the end: "Tell Me How My [Blank] Tastes" is the new "Where [Blank] Happens," which I think is quite a good development.

The entire column is available here. More coming later today.

-- D.S.

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