Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday 07/11 A.M. Quickie:
Final Vote, Favre, Ryan Howard, More

I always had faith in the power of the fan vote, but the MLB Final Vote affirmed it: Evan Longoria in the AL; NOT David Wright in the NL. It's cause to celebrate, which I do in the lead of today's Sporting News column.

Meanwhile, anyone who doubted Ryan Howard back in April or even May? I presume there aren't doubters now. I don't care about his .230 BA; it's the 27 HR. Although one player, who also had a great day yesterday, remains the one I'd draft if I was starting a franchise today from scratch: Hanley Ramirez.

(Great comments question: If you were starting a team from scratch today, who would you pick? Do you agree with Hanley? Do you go another way?)

I'm getting so tired of the Brett Favre Watch: Cripes, isn't it obvious that he's coming back? This dribs-and-drabs stuff ("50/50" from his brother; "80 percent" from Pat Kirwan, whatever the hell that means). The only intrigue is whether it's with the Packers or another team. Period.

I consider tracking Michael Beasley at the Orlando Summer League to be an appetizer; the everyone-in-the-pool Vegas Summer League starts today, and there are enough names floating around that something interesting should happen every day.

Full SN column here.

Speaking of interesting, please let me know if you download the MLB At Bat app from the iTunes store and how your experience is with it. I recognize it might take a few days to get there; I'd love to cover it next week.

Have a great weekend. I'll be blogging "(Very) Quickies" all weekend right here. Back at SN and on Monday morning, as usual.

-- D.S.

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Optimism said...

See, while i understand you being annoyed at say a player from a city like NY winning a vote simply due to that fact, how on earth is Hart winning a good thing?

Wright is superior to Hart. Hell, Pat Burrell deserved it over both of them. Wouldn't that have been a triumph, rather than some okay player from milwaukee?