Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prep for the New iPhone App Store: MLB

I wrote a few weeks ago that MLB's application for the iPhone and iPod Touch via Apple's new iTunes "app store" would be a ground-breaking killer in sports media. Valleywag (sort of) agrees, putting it in its ten must-have iPhone apps. Store launches tomorrow. Kudos, MLB. -- D.S.

(UPDATE: You can get into the App Store now, with iTunes v. 7.7. It's $4.99 for the rest of the season. And now I face the reality that I have neither the iPhone nor iPod Touch. Hey, MLB: I'm SO open to reviewing your product if you'll just ship me a new iPod Touch loaded with the new MLB app! Call me, Bob Bowman!)


Geo B said...

The App Store is actually open today, you can purchase Apps through the new version of iTunes (7.7).

Johnny b said...

okay i picked up the mlb app and it is fantastic on my first impression. the video is really good; it doesn't have stats in the app but it has an link to the box score online so that works out

really the dollar price for half a season was well worth it

following the cubs on it at the moment