Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wednesday 08/06 A.M. Quickie:
Favre, LeBron, Webb, Olympics, More

It's almost over. You can feel it. The Favre saga is almost over: Favre is over it. The Packers executives are over it. Packers fans seem to be ready for it to be over. (Check the SN column for a link to some very interesting local polling numbers.) The rest of us certainly cannot wait for this to be over. Bucs fans, presumably, are anxious to have things start.

Today's SN column leads, regrettably, with Favre -- but quickly gets into more interesting things!

*LeBron playing in Europe! (I say: Yes!)
*Brandon Webb vs. Dan Haren
*Nick Swisher vs. Raul Ibanez
*Olympic facemasks -- THE fashion accessory
*The Texas Tech bandwagon
*USA Oops: Not as great as they think

There is lots there -- not just Favre (mercifully, not just Favre). Check it out here.

PS: Will the Favre Bucs jersey be the NFL's hottest seller? Consider how many fans you saw wearing the Joe Montana Chiefs jersey. (Not many, if I recall...maybe in K.C., I guess.) The real question: Will Favre Packers jerseys hit the discount bin in Green Bay? Doubt it.

-- D.S.

2 comments:!/DuelingAces said...

Farve's Tampa Bay jersey will be a hot seller in Tampa and thats about it. You didn't see people going out and buying up Unitas' San Diego jersey when throwbacks were in fashion a few years back or Namath's Ram's jersey. Your missing the biggest question, whats going to happen with Farve's Madden 09 cover. Its too late to change Farve's jersey on the cover (I assume) and it is just going to be a constant reminder of whole situation that everyone has been sick of now for awhile. The curse has already happened, The whole media debacle is worse than any sub-par season, or injury any player who has graced the cover of Madden so far has had to endure (unless you count Vick's hobby as part of the curse, because after that cover things really went down hill and fast). This isn't the first time something like this has happened though, Barry Sanders was featured on the cover with Madden in 2000 and retired before the season started, but back than landing the cover of Madden wasn't as big of a deal as it is today due to the popularity of the videogame culture and also Barry wasn't going to be wearing a different uniform in the game than the one he was wearing on the cover like Brett will be. But than again what happens if a trade can't be worked out or something completely different happens like a crazy Packer fans runs onto the field and takes out Rodgers (nothing life threatening just something to keep him out for a while) and after security tackles him and carries him off in handcuffs to a standing ovation what would the Packers do than? Crazier things have happend.

PS I in no way am condoning any violence towards Aaron Rodgers, I'm not a Packer's fan nor do I live anywhere close to Green Bay or care what happens with Brett Farve and the Packers.

Dallas (司馬光) said...

What kills me about the face mask in China is one thing. The Chinese people are the ones who started the whole face mask thing because of the pollution. I've lived in Taiwan for 2 years and have traveled to China over 10 times since 2006. The Chinese are the first ones to be paranoid about pollution and voluntarily wear the face masks when they ride their scooters around or bicycles. This is not a big deal and not uncommon.