Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday 08/09 (Very) Quickie

Olympics open: Wow, that was a jaw-dropping spectacle. Any more questions that China is going to own us all?

USC loses QB Mark Sanchez: Wow. Remains to be seen how bad the knee injury is, but if it's bad, it implodes an entire assumption system about how this season will go.

Hawks keep Josh Smith: Of course they did; the Grizz should have done this at the start of free agency. (I will say I was intrigued to see a Mayo-Gay-Smith troika in Memphis.)

Dolphins sign QB Chad Pennington: He's fragile, but he's better than anything else Miami has. And, wow, would you look at that -- the Fins play the Jets in Week 1.

MLB: Big night for series matching teams right in the playoff hunt. Mets beat Marlins...Cubs beat Cards...White Sox beat Red Sox...Angels beat Yankees.

The image of the Olympics so far: President Bush slapping Misty May-Treanor's tramp stamp.

More: US Women's Soccer gets a W... China gets its first of many gold medals... Phelps sets an O.R. in the 400 IM prelims (finals tonight)...

-- D.S.

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Matt Williams said...

Was I the only one that thought Bob Costas's commentary during the Parade of Nations came off as snarky and condescending?

Also, I could swear I heard him say there was no Olympic baseball this year when Cuba was taking its turn. Of course, he got it right later: baseball and softball will not be in the 2012 Olympics in London.