Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday 08/10 (Very) Quickie

Olympics: Michael Phelps is absolutely ridiculous, as anyone who watched his WR-setting 400 IM would agree. (In the other must-see, Dara Torres helped the US 4x100 free group rally for silver.)

NFL: Matt Ryan's debut -- 9/15 for 113 yds and 1 TD... Favre Watch: Favre will start in the Jets' next game... Steelers eyeing Leftwich or Culpepper to replace Batch?

MLB Playoff-Worthy Weekend Results: Cards clock Cubs behind Glaus... Angels crush Yankees behind 8-run 8th... Dice-K earns 13th W with Red Sox W over White Sox (Twins win; move half-game up)... D-Rays keep pace with win in 11... Mets d. Marlins (keep pace with Phils)...

Hot rumor: Manny wants to sign with the Yankees this offseason, specifically so he can try to crush the Red Sox 19 games a year. I don't doubt it. But will he give the Yanks a hometown discount?

Barry Bonds returns to S.F.: "I haven't retired." Perhaps his warm reception by Giants fans will give a playoff team the permission necessary to do the competitively smart thing and sign him.

NBA: Dwyane Wade jumps on the "$50 Million to play in Europe" bandwagon. This is no longer an interesting story, because the question to every player is "Would you consider playing in Europe for $50 million?" and the answer, always, is "Who wouldn't?"

Then it's a "story" but it's really not, as it's not like $50 million European offers are there for everyone. (That said, China should make three separate $50 million offers to LeBron, Kobe and Wade, just to see what happens.)

CFB: Looks like USC QB Mark Sanchez won't be out for the season, but perhaps only a game. However, that Ohio State game comes quickly -- how much will it impact the Trojans to have a gimpy and/or out-of-practice QB?

-- D.S.

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