Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday 08/16 (Very) Quickie: Phelps!

Just when you think Michael Phelps can't do anything more incredible than he already has, he makes his final individual effort the most exciting, gritty finish of any race I have ever seen.

That it earned him a record-tying 7th gold added to the excitement, of course; it wouldn't have meant as much if 95 meters into his 100-meter effort, he didn't look like he was going to lose out not just on the event, but history.

Tonight: The relay medly, which should be his unprecedented 8th gold and a coronation of sorts.

Meanwhile, while Phelps exhibits dominance across an entire sport, Dara Torres remains the most intriguing individual-event storyline.

How about the way she told the other racers to back off the blocks while one of them was having swimsuit issues. Then she merely put up the best time in the semis.

And now she's going to swim the anchor leg of the 4x100 women's medley relay. The issue -- it's a half-hour after her individual final in the 50; will her body be recovered?

Switching gears: If the 100 meter sprint is the headliner of the track events, it remains to be seen who will emerge from the Jamaican pair of Bolt and Powell to take gold. Should be fun either way. (Didn't want to spoil, but it's out there enough: Tyson Gay didn't make the finals.)

MLB: So much for the Astros' win streak; they couldn't handle Brandon Webb (and his MLB-leading 18th W)... the Cubs win their 9th straight on the road... 17 wins for Cliff Lee... Matt Garza!... Francisco Liriano!... Moyer vs. Maddux was kind of awesome, for the combined age alone...

NFL: The Titans may have beaten the Raiders, but all I care about is "6 carries for 44 yards" -- Darren McFadden's stat line. Oh, and Favre plays tonight. If you care.

NBA to Europe: Jannero Pargo goes to Moscow. It ain't Dwyane Wade going to Moscow.

More later.

-- D.S.


The Green Carbon Trader said...

Hey Dan, I wish you would have wrote this column at 11 o'clock so you could have write about Spain vs. the U.S., and the BIGGEST SURPRISE and most DISAPPOINTING part of the games thus far, is NBC deciding not to show the 100m live, and every major American news agency reporting about gay and his problems, while the American public remains clueless.

BTW, you should also check out the replay of the Italy and Belgium Soccer match, then fast forward to about minute 75, where hilarity ensues.

Brett said...

Still need your argument on how Phelps is the greatest Olympian and perhaps greatest athlete ever.