Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday 08/17 (Very) Quickie: Phelps, Bolt

So Michael Phelps goes 8-for-8 on golds, and -- despite NBC's apparent interest in portraying him as a megalomaniac (projection much?) -- Phelps insisted on remaining admirably humbled and team-oriented, which just makes me like him better.

Meanwhile, Usain Bolt is ridiculous -- how can you not love a guy who not only kills the world record in the 100, but basically strolls in over the last 15-20 meters while doing it. I have never seen anything like that before in my life.

I don't begrudge him the mid-race preening: All the guy wanted to do is win Olympic gold; the world record was a bonus -- something he could have done at any old race. How healthy! The fact that he broke the 9.70 barrier (and not the quantum leap of breaking the 9.6 barrier, too) is only a bonus. But as far as sprinting goes, I'm not sure anyone has ever done it quite the way he has. (I mean, I had to re-DVR to make sure: He eased up to preen over the last 15 steps, a good 20 percent of the race.) That guy redefines fast. And it's not even his best event.

Dara Torres falls JUST short: You have to feel for her. She obviously was pretty devastated; you were never going to see Rowdy Gaines point out that Torres was out-touched after holding a commanding lead late, much as Phelps out-touched for his win in the 100 fly. So, Dara: Any chance you want to come back at 45?

Wow, USA Oops appears to be on a mission, based on the way they just dismantled Spain -- wasn't Spain supposed to be a competitor?

NFL: Brett Favre's debut was a solid one -- 5/6 for 48 yards and a TD (not much more you can ask for)... For those doing the comparison thing, Aaron Rodgers was 9/16 for 58 yards and 0 TDs -- that won't sit well with Packers fans... Chad Pennington: Pretty good solution for the Dolphins... Brandon Marshall owns Pac-Man Jones...

MLB: In battle of playoff hopefuls, Brewers edge Dodgers in 10... Marlins show a little signs of playoff worthiness, snapping the Cubs' 9-game road W streak... Classic Roy Halladay: Complete game win, over the Red Sox no less... Fantasy Stud: Albert Pujols (2 HR)...

Shawn Kemp joins parade of NBA stars going to play in Europe: Except for one thing -- this is awesomeness at its best.

-- D.S.

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