Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Joe Posnanski and His Deal With SI.com

Joe probably likes the thrill of writing for his boyhood idol, but the intrigue is that SI.com wanted to publish Joe's blog posts. Not exclusively -- just re-published at the same time on SI.com, too (where they will presumably get way more page views than they do on his blog). And they didn't seem to want to roll up his blog under the SI Digital umbrella, either (which would give SI.com his blog's traffic, too). Interesting.

Much like your fantasy league's third-round run on receivers, I'm calling a mini-run on sites doing similar "syndication-ish" deals with other bloggers. Who cares if it lives in two places? Following up yesterday's post about SportsFanLive.com, content portability is a pre-eminent strategy right now. That could mean getting ESPN.com on your phone; it could mean getting elements of your CBSSports.com fantasy interface on your Facebook page; and it could mean JoePosnanski.com content living -- in its exact form -- on SI.com.

Cannibalization is a myth in online sports.

UPDATE: By the way, much like the well-spring of good athlete blogs shook up mainstream sports media's assumptions about the way the world works, Posnanski's news could have similar impact. It's very simple: Start your own indie blog -- if your newspaper will let you (Posnanski obviously had leverage in his negotiation) -- then cultivate it (and to Joe's credit, he did, embracing rather than mocking the medium's powers) and then find yourself cutting a distribution deal with a national outlet for the blog's content.

-- D.S.

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