Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday 08/20 A.M. Quickie:
Rays, Lola, Bolt, Boldin, More

I think if you haven't put him in this category before, Usain Bolt qualifies as must-see for the way he is absolutely dominating the field in the 200 in the same way he did in the 100 (last night I was left wondering if Bolt decided to try to challenge Jeremy Wariner in the 400, how that might go -- understanding that 100/200 specialization is far different than 400 specialization, but Bolt seems that transcendent.)

That said, I led today's SN column with the Rays, for a couple reasons: (1) The milestone that they took over the best record in the AL. (2) Their 2nd straight win over the Angels in their mid-week series, which makes it 6 of 8 on the season over LAA, purported to be the best team in the league. Even without Longoria and Crawford, the Rays -- having won 9 of their last 11 -- are the best team in baseball. (Their record is the same as the Cubs, but the Rays have their win total in the AL.)

Meanwhile, I had my first fantasy draft last night -- people fall into two categories: Love to hear about other people's fantasy drafts or don't-tell-me-about-your-fantasy-draft types. I'll spare you the details, but note that through the first 6 rounds (and I was picking 13/14 so I had 2 picks virtually in a row, then a 24-pick wait in-between), I felt more in control of my drafting than ever. No panic, which is a first. Of course, from Round 8 through Round 12, I was a mess.

Anyway, I'll put my draft results in the comments, so you won't have to suffer through it here.

Here is the complete SN column from today. More later.

-- D.S.


Dan Shanoff said...

If you're curious, my draft results in my first league of the season, picking 13th out of 14 and going 14 rounds:

1 (13): M. Jones-Drew, RB
2 (16): D. McFadden, RB
3 (41): Santonio Holmes, WR
4 (44): Calvin Johnson, WR
5 (69): Selvin Young, RB
6 (72): Anthony Gonzalez, WR
7 (97): Matt Schaub, QB
8 (100): Tony Scheffler, TE
9 (125): Jerry Porter, WR
10 (128): Reggie Williams, WR
11 (153): Steve Slaton, RB
12 (156): Colts D
13 (181): Lamont Jordan, RB
14 (184): Jamarcus Russell, QB
15 (209): Kris Brown, K
16 (212): Chad Pennington, QB

Picking the two Jags WRs back to back in the 8th and 9th was a huge mistake. The guy I wanted at 128 was swiped by the guy picking between my picks -- via auto-pick, no less -- and in my lose-my-head scramble to find someone else, I actually forgot I drafted Porter and picked Williams. Complete dud, although I guess it's a hedge, to the extent anyone would ever want to hedge the Jags WRs.

For the record, that guy I wanted at 128 was Ray Rice. If I had simply taken Rice at 124, it is possible that Porter would have been available at 128 -- although his name was up next in the default Y! Rankings and the guy picking twice before me at 128 was on auto-pick. Oh, well. Steve Slaton was my back-up for Ray Rice as "Sleeper-ish rookie RB" and I ended up getting him. Speaking of rookie RBs, yes I picked Darren McFadden very high, but I wasn't picking again until the mid-40s, and I really wanted McFadden -- consider the fantasy colleagues you mocked last season for taking Adrian Peterson high in the 2nd round.

/fantasy dork-out!/DuelingAces said...

Can you please post the whole leagues draft?
I am one of those people that love to hear about other peoples' fantasy drafts.
Superficial breakdown
1. good
2. early but ok
3. great
4. eh, would like to know what else was available
5. I hate every Denver rb since Portis
6. good, love the OSU receivers
7. blah
8. eh
9. "i hate jerry porter" -every person who has ever owned jerry porter
10. you already know this was a mistake
11. eh, rookie rbs at this point are expected
12. too early for D
13. "The Corey Dillon going to NE to resurrect my career player of the year"
14. potential to pay off
15. kicker pick, cant like or dislike
16. love

My advice is somehow acquire Ted Ginn and pick up Troy Smith and you'll have the 2005-06 tOSU passing attack and thats cool.

Best Pick: Santonio Holmes/Gonzo
Worst Pick: Jerry Porter
My favorite pick: Chad Pennington, He may be as fragile as newborn baby and have no offensive line but after Ronnie Brown gets hurt and Ricky Williams is caught playing bongos with Matthew McCaughney and Travis Henry the dolphins only option will be to pass and someone has to get those stats, and if it doesn't work out who cares he was the 212 player selected

Cabral said...

Concerning Bolt moving up to the 400 and challenging Wariner, it is not necessarily that out of the question. It is however rare, as you imply, for someone to demonstrate that sort of range. Although not at the same level, Xavier Carter won the 100 (10.09) and 400 (44.53) at the NCAA championships in 2006. (Later that year, he ran 19.63 for 200.)

What improves the odds in Bolt's favor (at least at having a chance at performing well at 400) is that Bolt ran 45.35 in 2003 before his 17th birthday. Thus he has already showed great 400 ability at an early age.

In short, Bolt might be more of a 200/400 runner than a 100/200 runner anyway.