Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Usain Bolt's World Record 200 Meter Run

It's only a spoiler if you buy into NBC's ridiculous and draconian and consumer-unfriendly policies of waiting on a 12-hour story before showing it on video.

Here is a video (via Daily Motion), but it will likely only be up for minutes more, if that. I don't speak French, but these French announcers' ravings are 10x better than Ato Boldin.

Oh, and after the controversial finish in the 100, it looks like Bolt had his sights set on breaking that Michael Johnson record -- all. the. way.

(It's not 8 medals, but the WAY that Bolt has run -- not just two golds, not just 2 new world records, not just in two marquee events like the 100 and 200...but the dominance.)

-- D.S.

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