Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday 08/21 A.M. Quickie:
Bolt, Jackson, Upshaw, NL West, More

I referenced this yesterday on the blog, but his jaw-dropping WR performance in the 200 is a good bookend with Tuesday's SN column lead defending his performance in the 100: Usain Bolt is the most electrifying track talent that most of the world has ever seen.

Today's SN column lead about Bolt isn't nearly as good as Tuesday's, I don't think, but it's an important closure to the point -- not only can he joyously win gold (100), but he can focus and break WRs previously thought untouchable.

I would say Bolt has surpassed Carl Lewis -- Bolt isn't in Jesse Owens territory; then again, no one under the age of 80 would have even the vaguest first-hand recollection of Owens.

So, for all intents and purposes, Bolt's the gold standard. Check that: Golds standard. (I desperately want him to just line up on the track during a down moment and run the 400, just to see what kind of time he'd put up.)

Meanwhile, NFL union honcho Gene Upshaw is dead, and it's a big deal. A bigger deal than Steven Jackson's return from his holdout, I should say, which will still generate headlines and fantasy questions.

In MLB, there is the state of the NL West, the state of the top of the AL and the state of the Top 5 All-Time Home Run List.

Full SN column here. More later. (And if you've been tracking the blog over the past few weeks, you know I'm not kidding.)

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

True or False.

You dislike Michael Phelps solely because mainstream media loves him?

Ken Dynamo said...

hey, i acually agree with your hyperbole this time, dan. bolt was the shit, everything about his two races were awesome. i dont see what he has to do with phelps or swimming but i guess because phelps was such a huge story that people will want to compare them. bottom line tho, they both were spectacular and made the olympics memorable.