Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday 08/23 (Very) Quickie

Here's some travel advice: Don't fly into a hurricane. But I'm down in Florida for my annual summer pilgrimage, rain (plane-shuddering winds) or shine.

Meanwhile, somehow I think that "Delaware Blue Hens" will become a new bandwagon, with the selection of Delaware senator Joe Biden as Barack Obama's running mate.

USA Oops dispatches Argentina, will play Spain for gold overnight later tonight: I don't think Spain can or will keep it close.

And there is an argument to be made that the way this team has gone through the field is more impressive than the Dream Team in '92; back then, the world hoops community was immature -- at best. Now, teams like Argentina, Spain, Greece and Lithuania are legitimately very good. And the US is obliterating them.

(Beyond the gold, I'm sure the team is thrilled that with a gold medal, I will drop the "USA Oops" label, as they will have earned being called "USA Hoops" again.)

Rays beat White Sox in possible AL playoff preview: Wow, if Rocco Baldelli can sustain the pop he showed last night (1st HR since May '07), that's a huge boost for Tampa, above and beyond a mere single win... In the other possible AL playoff preview, the Twins beat the Angels in Anaheim behind August sensation Denard Span (3/5, HR, 4 RBI)... Tim Lincecum (14th W, crosses 200-K mark for season) may be the best pitcher in baseball, but I'm still not sure he earns the NL Cy ahead of CC Sabathia if the season ends today... (Johan, another winner Friday, probably still has a claim to "best pitcher in baseball)... Speaking of a former Best Pitcher in Baseball, Greg Maddux got shelled by the Phillies in his first start with LAD...

NFL Preseason: QB Watch. Aaron Rodgers: 18/22 for 193 yards and a TD (with a rushing TD thrown in) -- not bad for a 3rd preseason game... Matt Ryan: 15/21 for 102 yds and a TD...and a win. I think Ryan-as-starter has been (and is now fully) inevitable... JT O'Sullivan: Wins SF starting QB job.

More later. Maybe the sun will even come out later...

-- D.S.

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