Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday 08/24 (Very) Quickie

USA Basketball exorcises the "USA Oops" label and "redeems" itself as "USA Hoops" again.

Give credit to Spain for giving the US a game -- as predicted 3 years ago when USA Basketball was re-formed in Jerry Colangelo's image, it took the presence of Kobe Bryant to be the difference between gold and failure.

(Meanwhile, can we all agree that Coach K is a terrible game coach, as he pretty much always has been? This team might not have won gold despite Coach K's coaching, but they certainly didn't win it because of him.)

MLB: The Angels weren't quite ready to roll over for the Twins again (thanks to Teixeira)... Carl Pavano!... Wow, the Rays can't be stopped (and gain a critical game of cushion on the blanked Red Sox)... Aramis Ramirez!... What was that about Ryan Bruan's back?... Big win for the D'backs...

NFL Preseason: 47-3?...Terrible: Brady Quinn, Bengals offense, Matt Leinart, Jeff Garcia, Jason Taylor (injured), Giants offense... hey, how about that Chad Pennington?... Is that the end of the season for Shawne Merriman?... With Joe Biden in the news, Delaware Blue Hen QB Joe Flacco didn't exactly set the house on fire vs. the Rams (18/37 for 152 yds and a TD, playing the entire game)...

Olympics: Angel Malodio Vatos, the Cuban taekwando guy who kicked the ref on the face, becomes one of the most memorable names from the Games...

Fay-induced rain and high winds are gone in north Florida -- all we got now is sunny and hot-hot-hot. I'll take it.

-- D.S.

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