Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ESPNRise.com Launches

Even more than what ESPNU meant to coverage of college sports, the launch of ESPNRise.com is a pivotal event in the brief history of high school sports as spectator sport.

It'll be interesting to track. The site is heavy on the "social media" content and glitzy design -- but light on the meaty state-by-state news (with appropriate implications for colleges in recruiting battles) that I think fans of high school sports want to see: News, rumors, rankings.

Also, I believe it's only a matter of time before Yahoo takes Rivals free, as a counter-move. The subscription revenue Yahoo earns can't possibly top the page-view revenue they would see.

-- D.S.

1 comment:

evan said...

Interesting...a social-networking site for creepy old men who follow high school sports. Can't wait for some players to join and "boosters" getting around recruiting guidelines.

Someone appoint Golic as the Chris Hansen of this aberration.