Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday 08/27 A.M. Quickie:
Replay, Phils, A-Rod, CFB 08, More

Today's SN column leads with: I don't know how any reasonable fan can be against instant replay in baseball. (I won't get into the idea that it should be expanded to calls at home plate; for now, I'm satisfied with HR/Foul-Ball calls as a good place to start.)

Can't wait for replay to start tomorrow, and I can't wait for its first use -- it can't be worse than "ump's naked eye."

Meanwhile, it was a loaded night in MLB, led by a couple of New York chokes -- the Mets choked away a 7-0 lead (and the lead in the NL East) to the Phillies (who else?), and A-Rod choked away a couple of excellent RISP opportunities and the Yankees fell even further behind the Red Sox for the AL Wild Card. The Yankees are 2 straight losses away from basically being done for the season.

In the NFL, I'm already over the Strahan story and on to this story in today's Denver Post about the NFL going to an 18-game season (2 preseason/18 regular season), which I think everyone can agree would be a phenomenal advancement for the league. Too bad it'll take a few years to implement. But given the laughable final preseason games, it's the right direction.

Hey, Jay Mariotti is out at the Chicago Sun-Times. But will they continue to let him use the TV studio in the newsroom to tape "Around the Horn?" If he isn't bringing readers to the paper -- the ludicrous rationale for sports editors allowing their top columnist talent to dilute their effort for the newspaper by doing TV -- then why should they let him?

Finally, today's CFB 08 preview in my SN column contains something likely so staggering to you that I have to put it in its own post, coming at 10:45 a.m.

-- D.S.

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