Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday 01/30 A.M. Quickie:
Cardinals, Magic, Gonzaga, All-Stars, More

Cardinals 20, Steelers 16. But I'm less concerned about the score than simply picking the Cardinals to win, which leads today's SN column.

Here's the thing: After last year's Super Bowl, there is simply no such thing as "upset" anymore. But the closest thing to it would be to utter the phrase "Cardinals: Super Bowl Champs."

I suspect that Pittsburgh's defense is going to be the toughest the Cards have faced this season. But I'm not sold on the Steelers' offense, and the Cards have been defying expectations all month.

For those of you who remember last year's experiment with Twitter (back before EVERYONE was doing it) during the Super Bowl -- it beats a live-blog! -- should check it out on Sunday night:

(I'm sure this year, there will be a ton more folks tweeting during the game. The more the merrier, I say. Following lots of people active during the game will just make your Twitter stream that much more fun and interesting.)

Meanwhile, other things you'll find in the column today:
*SB Ads preview: Coke FTW? Or sacrilege?
*Obama picks the Steelers: That's not change.
*Gonzaga beats St. Mary's: With a HUGE caveat.
*Magic beat Cavs: LeBron will get those calls in May.
*Nelson an All-Star: But not Rondo? Come on.
*Wells gripes about Torre: You don't say!

It's a fun-filled Friday before the Super Bowl. Check out the column. Check back here all weekend long. And, if you're not planning to come back until Monday, enjoy the game.

-- D.S.


KMV said...

No Rondo for the ASG, what about no David Lee? I know the Knicks are simply mediocre, but David Lee is 2nd in the NBA with 34 double doubles! Yes he's not in the top 50 in scoring but he's 4th in rebounds. Also, the East missed their chance to have the "token white guy" on their team.

Michael W said...

2 things.

One, if the Cardinals' D plays like it has for 11 out of 12 quarters so far this playoffs, Arizona is going to be the champ. Hopefully that 4th quarter against the Eagles was just getting a little too cocky and not a sign of things to come.

Second, I completely disagree with you about the Pac-10, again. You were too harsh on them in football season, and now you're being too soft. The only decent team this year is UCLA, and they look like a far cry from what they looked like even last year. I won't be shocked if we don't see any Pac-10 teams in the Elite Eight this year.