Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday 01/25 (Very) Quickie

UConn drops Notre Dame in South Bend: Just one more big-time Big East battle, notable mostly for snapping ND's endless home win streak, which you could kind of see coming. But, like every Big East game this season, totally meaningless until we see how many of these 9 or 10 Big East top teams make it to the Sweet 16.

Duke No. 1? I watched the first half of the Duke-Maryland game, because I knew that the Terps always give Duke a game -- even at Cameron. Whoops: I came for the rivalry but I stayed to witness the carnage. I haven't seen a first-half beat-down like that in a long time.

So, yeah: I'm sure Duke will be crowned No. 1 this week, but I'm picking Wake on Wednesday.

(Washington beats UCLA: Don't sleep on how thoroughly competitive the Pac-10 is this season. It's like Big East Lite.)

Senior Bowl: Pat White Show. All week long, scouts had been ripping Pat White. In the game, he did what he does in every bowl game -- win. 95 yards passing and 2 scoring drives. Now, that doesn't mean he can play QB in the NFL, but he has a good future ahead as a Wildcat specialist.

RIP Kay Yow. A legend in women's basketball. Condolences to her many many friends, fans and admirers.

-- D.S.

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Cy_Kazmir said...

A sad day for college basketball with the passing of Kay Yow, but also a day to celebrate her accomplishments and all the lives she touched throughout her career.

Much love and well wishes to the Yow family and everyone at North Carolina State.

On a lighter note, can we finally push Notre Dame out of the top 25 and stop this silly 'Luke Harangody for national player of the year' talk. He is a fine player who hustles on both ends of the court but come on, he is not the best player in college basketball.