Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday 01/18 (Very) Quickie

Countdown to NFL conf-title games...

So, with Pitt losing at Louisville (with the way the Big East is this year and the way Louisville is playing in Big East play, that's hardly a scarring mark for Pitt), who should be No. 1?

It's down to either Duke or Wake.

Duke handled Georgetown impressively/aggravatingly enough, but they did it at home. At a neutral site or on the road, I'm not sure they beat the Hoyas.

Meanwhile, Wake won at Clemson -- you can say that Clemson was overrated/product of cupcake schedule/etc., but it was a rocking environment, and Wake handled it.

Plus, Wake has that win over UNC, which Duke doesn't have (yet), so I would give my No. 1 vote to Wake -- not that being No. 1 in any given week in college hoops means anything.

(Re: Duke, they need to make Henderson the focal point of the offense; he is their most potent offensive threat -- although he really needs to shave his head, because that widow's peak balding situation isn't intimidating at all.)

Also: Very impressive wins by Syracuse (over ND) and Arizona State (over UCLA, at UCLA)

Rams hire Giants DC Steve Spagnuolo: The Rams are a mess, but -- in line with my comment about Schwartz and the Lions -- this is the best thing to happen to the Rams franchise since they won the Super Bowl.

Spagnuolo is one of the top minds in the NFL, and should accelerate the turnaround. As they are saying around Washington this week: Smart is the new cool and youth is the new cool. Hires like Schwartz and Spagnuolo and McDaniels and Morris underscore that.

NBA: Magic keep rolling through the Western Conference, this time toppling the Nuggets.

Hot Stove: Phillies sign Hamels to 3Y/$20.5M deal. Seems like a bargain, given the money being thrown around at guys like Sabathia -- in the next year, Hamels will emerge as his superior.


Saw Slumdog Millionaire last night. I have seen all of 2 movies in the theaters in the last year (Slumdog and Dark Knight), but Slumdog was one of the Top 10 or 20 best movies I have ever seen. Really enjoyed it. Hope it wins a Best Picture Oscar.

-- D.S.


BobbyStompy said...

What up, DS?

I, too, saw "Slumdog" last night, and though I left the theater thinking it was pretty good, I read this review and ended up doing a total 180 on it.

Seriously, read the review, and I'd love to hear your rebuttals to some of his criticisms.

charlie said...

I can't believe you have only seen two movies in the theater in the last year, that seems insane to me. Although you picked the right two movies to see. I would definitely recommend seeing The Wrestler if you get a chance. Mickey Rourke is amazing in it. Also, if you have any love for pro wrestling at all, even if it is just happy memories from watching it as a little kid, you will greatly enjoy this movie. I just thought I would throw in my two cents on that.