Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday 02/07 (Very) Quickie

In the debate whether Kevin Durant or Greg Oden has made the better pro -- to the extent that last night's first head-to-head match-up between the two can be used as a proxy -- Durant wins: Not just for scoring 31 points to Oden's 4, but because KD's Thunder beat Oden's Blazers. (But let's not make any career-long pronouncements -- and this comes from Mr. Instant History.)

Marquette was SO overrated -- and if they lost to South Florida, just wait until they play their final 5 games of the regular season, as brutal of a stretch as exists in the country over those last 5 games. Marquette's record and ranking were built on the softest of schedules.

Chiefs hire Todd Haley: I'll skip the easy jokes about his problems with his star receivers and simply echo yesterday's comment -- given the first-year success of rookie coaches like Smith, Harbaugh and Sparano, Haley better show progress immediately. The era of "Just give me a couple years to get things going" is over.

LeBron loses the MSG triple-double -- not just the triple-double, but the 50-double-double, which put him in truly rare air. (I had forgotten that the NBA had stripped Hakeem of his quadruple-double in the same way, after the fact.) The new accounting is not insubstantial -- LeBron's 50-double-double was more impressive than Kobe's 61; LeBron's 50 (plus double-digit assists and single-digit rebounds) is not.

Name to Know: Erin Hamlin. You can not care about women's luge at all, but Hamlin snapping the epic dominance of the German lugers was damn impressive.

More later, hopefully. Enjoy your Saturday.

-- D.S.

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