Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tuesday 02/03 A.M. Quickie:
Kobe 61, SB 43, UConn, UWGB, Paris, More

There is a longstanding perception that there is some sort of "lull" from the end of the NFL season until, say, March Madness.

That's insanely wrong, of course. Between CFB's National Signing Day (tomorrow, as big a single day as there is in the college football year); the NBA All-Star Game; Daytona 500; Bracketology jostling; and the start of spring training (and your fantasy baseball drafting), it's plenty busy.

Still, of any day in the sports year, the day after the Super Bowl, you just don't expect much. Among other things, that's why Kobe's 61 was so epic. (Leads SN column.)

Beyond it being the highest point total in the NBA this season. Beyond it being at Madison Square Garden, eclipsing MJ's 55 and King's 60. Beyond it being one more thing to add to Kobe's myth. Beyond it came on the day that we learn Bynum is out 3 months (or more).

It was even more spectacular because there was nothing else going on. It was right player, right place, right moment, right kind of performance -- all the way.

Other storylines you'll find opined in today's column:

*UConn: Who's afraid of No. 1? Winning at L'ville is no joke.
*Butler: Overrated? Or is Wisco-Green Bay pretty good?
*Courtney Paris: Best women's CBB post player ever?
*Chris Paul injured: Yikes. "Injury-Proves-MVP" theory.
*Michael Phelps: No endorsement hit for bong hit. (Duh.)
*Manny turns down 1Y/$25M -- hey, he wanted 4Y.
*Clemens: Screwed (as if you didn't know he was already)
*SB 43 Hangover: Sure, I'll take Pittsburgh to repeat.

Check out the entire thing here. More later.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Steelers on a repeat is boring (champs are champs until proven otherwise).

How about weighing in on the Cardinals miss the playoffs next year. (3 of last 11 SB losers miss playoffs)

Unknown said...

I so wish I lived in Detroit so as to have seen this live. http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/blog/shutdown_corner/post/Matt-Millen-s-NBC-commentary-comes-with-a-warnin?urn=nfl,138326

Unknown said...

"It took one of the greatest catches in NFL history to bail out Big Ben. The difference between hero and goat is a toe-touch. "

Correct me if I am wrong here, but Big Ben's throw cleared all of the defenders. If Holmes misses it, it land out of bounds and they likely kick a field goal and fight it out in OT. With that said, how did holmes bail him out? How was the toe tap the difference between being a hero and a goat?