Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 02/15 (Very) Quickie: HORSE, Dunks

I love AI's new hairstyle -- not that was averse to the cornrows; the short cut just reminds me of how he looked when he was at Georgetown.

Normally, I'm all for the populist vote, but America got it wrong voting Nate Robinson as Slam Dunk Champ over Dwight Howard.

Yes, for theater, I give Robinson huge credit for going "Lex Luthor" to Howard's "Superman," but I give Howard even more credit for letting Robinson dunk over him.

Robinson's signature dunk -- dunking on Howard -- was impressive only because of Howard, because Howard was willing to be a good sport about it.

Between Dwight's dunk on the 12-foot rim (how easy it looked!) and the off-the-side-of-the-backboard dunk (plus his role as Robinson's prop), Howard was the best. (It didn't help Howard that after last season, he didn't have much room to go up. Speaking of which, the judges' scores are ludicrous. You get an 8 for showing up; what's the point?)

But it certainly builds drama for next year (especially if LeBron participates -- btw, whether it's up to judges or fans, there's no way LeBron doesn't win next year. Sorry, Superman.)

(By the way: Technically, Robinson's dunk where he jumped off of Wilson Chandler was illegal, and he should have been penalized for it.)

As for HORSE, if you saw my Twittering about it, you know how I feel. Here's a recap: It was a bust. The shots were mostly mundane, they missed way too many of them (any idiot fan can MISS trick shots) and felt like it dragged on.

Couple of suggestions for next year:
(1) If you make the first shot and the next two guys make it, too, you get a letter (or you at least have to "prove it.")
(2) Players should have celebrity caddies to help them devise more interesting shots.
(3) At least one fan should be invited to participate -- again, there were moments where I feel like I could have beaten any of them. (And I'm not saying I'm any good.)

But let no one say that Kevin Durant doesn't have a flair for the dramatic -- he came back from last place to win it. But his shot selection at the end was lame: Ooh! You can make 3s! That's not a HORSE shot; that's a shootaround shot.

*Blake Griffin: 40 and 23...absurd numbers in OU's win over Texas Tech. Any doubt he's the best player in the country?
*Arizona was impressive in dismantling UCLA, but pick the Cats in March at your own risk.
*Ken Griffy Jr. to the...Braves?
*Daytona 500 is today: Who's watching?

-- D.S.


Kurt said...

"*Blake Griffin: 40 and 23...absurd numbers in OU's win over Texas Tech. Any doubt he's the best player in the country?"

Yes...see Hasheem Thabeet. Blake Griffin plays pansy defense compared to Hasheem.

Unknown said...

Last night was just awful. Between JR Smith and Nate Robinson doing the same 1st dunk and Nate having the highest score but both of them having a better score than Rudy's which was better...that was ridiculous. The judges (and Nate) robbed Rudy in the 1st round and then the fans (and Nate) did it to Dwight in the finals. I guess everyone just loves a midget.

Next year they need to cancel the Shooting Stars (or bring new players and have them make more shots and also just make it 1 round). They need to bring 8 guys for the 3pt contest and make it 3 rounds (more pure shooters please) and more than 4 dunkers.


Dubsy said...

Why is Dwight Howard dunking on a 12 foot rim at 7 feet tall that impressive when Nate Robinson is 5'8" and can dunk on a 10 foot rim with ease?

Howard's dunk off the side was the best of the night, though. And Rudy got jipped.

Dubsy said...

And Thabeet only scores 13 points a game, and has a pretty average offensive game. And Thabeet's defense isn't that good away from the weak side. He was dominated by a 6'7" PF from San Diego last year in the tourney, remember?