Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 02/17 A.M. Quickie:
A-Rod, Pitt, MJD, NBA 2nd Half

The Monday after the NBA All-Star Game is typically one of the slowest days of the sports year.

Sure, there was a very illuminating Pitt-UConn game (revealed: Pitt rules the Big East now), but otherwise, it feels like we're waiting on today's A-Rod press conference -- you hate it, but it's unavoidable. It leads today's SN column, even though I did that with no small measure of self-loathing.

Meanwhile: Am I wrong that Maurice Jones-Drew suddenly becomes the most interesting contender to be the No. 1 overall player drafted in fantasy football?

Complete column here
. More later. Still rocking the Carvel ice-cream cake hangover.

-- D.S.


WuzUpG said...

The day after the MLB ASG is the slowest day in sports.

There was NHL on yesterday!, albeit not the Sharks.

Unknown said...

I did not know the NBA was still playing, it is the one sport I do not follow at all. Ok NASCAR is in that list too so we have the NBA all star game and the D500 on the same day with no football -- that is a slow day in sports!