Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday 04/04 (Very Final Four)

Just counting down until the Final Four tonight. Rooting for good games -- maybe even an upset. If you can make a good case for either team winning, is it really THAT much of an upset?

Giants release Plax: Here's an idea -- the Bears need better WRs for their new QB. How about Burress? (Would that lead the league in QB-WR headcase combos?)

Magic crush Cavs: Tuned in for a little of this last night. Wow, Orlando looked good. Yeah, the Cavs were playing for a 2nd straight night on the road. Not sure if the Magic can beat the Cavs once in Cleveland to overcome LeBron's HCA -- but they kept pace with Boston for the East 2-seed; whoever gets that wins the East semi series between them.

New stadiums in NYC debut: Flipped between the Mets exhibition opener at Citi Field and the Yankees exhibition opener at the new Stadium. They both look like such upgrades over the old versions -- I hated going to games at them before. "Decrepit" is not endearing.

(Sheffield to the Mets: Is this like a poor man's version of the Mets signing Manny? Not quite. But I bet Sheff surprises.)

Does AI have a sore back that will keep him out the rest of the season? Or just sore feelings over not being a starter?

Lakers beat Rockets for 60th win: I thought Houston was the only team in the West that might even come close to challenging LA. Not so much. Meanwhile, how about the Heat as spoiler in the East? Miami clinched its own playoff spot last night.

Picks for tonight: Villanova (DeJuan Blair couldn't beat them last week; Hansbrough won't beat them this week. Plus: Nova guards can keep up with Ty Lawson) and Michigan State (still so amazed at the way they handled Louisville. Plus, I buy the whole "home-state" advantage.)

Enjoy the games.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

I'm a Spartan fan and I'm really upset that you just picked them. Could you go back and pick UConn?

jimnasium said...

I can (and would like to) see Villanova beating North Carolina, but to assume they will beat Hansbrough's team because they beat Blair's team is to overrate DeJuan Blair.