Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday 04/01 A.M. Quickie:
Calipari, Cutler, KG, More

Kentucky basketball being relevant! Jay Cutler being traded! KG out for the season!*

April Fools Day pranks... or today's leading (and very real) storylines?

Today's SN column leads with fools, but with yet another day dedicated to Calipari-to-Kentucky, there are only so many ways I can call this a perfect match -- UK fans' superiority complex with Calipari's inferiority complex, or UK fans' narcicissm with Calipari's desperate need for approval.

Hoping to lead with MLB predictions tomorrow. We'll see. (Friday and Monday are obviously going to be leading with the Final Four.)

Complete column here.

-- D.S.

* - REGULAR season, at least most of it. Still, ominous foreshadowing.

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Gregory said...

As a huge Broncos fan (and fan of pointless, longshot speculation), why would the Broncos not look at Vick? Their best success since the departure of Elway was with Plummer, because his mobility made the cutback running scheme even more successful than usual. I'm just saying.