Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday 06/12 A.M. Quickie:
Lakers, Red Sox, Alabama, NHL Game 7

So, yes, I have a spotty history with "calling" playoff series, Election Night-style. That doesn't stop me from doing it in the lead of today's SN column.

But I don't think there will be many disagreements that it is safe to say the Lakers wrapped up the NBA Finals in 4 games. Oh, sure, the Magic should win Game 5, but it seems impossible that they can win two games in L.A. -- and three straight overall.

And so the NBA Finals are, basically, over. Which is too bad, because if the Magic had won -- and maybe won Game 5 -- this series would have been amazing. Now, I wonder if folks will bother to pay attention, if they feel like it's a done-deal.

More you'll find in the column:
*Derek Fisher is so freaking money.
*Dwight Howard as Nick Anderson 2.0?
*NHL Stanley Cup Game 7: Nuff said.
*Alabama: That's no punishment.
*Donovan McNabb vs. Rex Grossman

There's a lot more. Full column here. For now, I'm preparing for tomorrow's first/only sports-blog conference, happening in NYC. I will put my MBA to good use (what's that? you say "finally?") by moderating a panel featuring some of the top leaders in content networks where bloggers and writers are making money and finding larger audiences: SB Nation, Yardbarker, Bleacher Report, Uproxx, Fansided. Should be a lot of fun. If you're going, looking forward to seeing you there. Otherwise, I'll try to provide updates via Twitter, found on the right or by following me @danshanoff, if you're on Twitter yourself.

-- D.S.

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