Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday 06/13 (Very) Quickie

Getting ready for a day of discussion at the sports-blog conference in NYC. You should be able to follow it on Twitter at #blogswithballs.

Meanwhile, how about those Penguins? Go into Detroit and shock the Red Wings to win the Stanley Cup title. Totally unexpected -- and the best possible outcome for the sport.

Falcons release Mike Vick: I said this yesterday -- I'll set the over/under on 12 NFL teams that either publicly or privately look into signing him. He won't lack for offers.

Trent Green retires: Will probably be best known for getting injured in 1999, thus giving Kurt Warner his shot.

MLB Friday Stud: Tim Lincecum.

And, yes, that Yankees win over the Mets was one of the most improbable endings to a baseball game anyone has probably seen in a long time. Walk-off easy pop-up? Come on.

More later.

-- D.S.

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