Monday, June 01, 2009

My Pick of the Year: Magic Over Cavs in 6

I'll caveat all of this with the notion that I hate "Told you so" in sports prognosticating. There is nothing more worthless than your/my/anyone's correct predictions -- except perhaps the prediction itself in the first place. Cheapest currency in sports.

Anyway: What does it say that my really good predictions are rare enough that I feel compelled to make note of them when they happen?

That said: There weren't many folks before the Magic-Cavs series who were picking the Magic in 6 to beat the Cavs, like I did. In fact, none of the ESPN experts picked the Magic. Not one. (Then again, I also picked the Nuggets in 6, so there you go.)

Making my pick slightly more valid is that way back in October in my NBA season preview, I picked the Magic to win the East. (Then again, I picked the Rockets to win it all.)

No, "Magic over Cavs in 6" doesn't make up for my worst-ever NCAA Tournament picks. Doesn't even come close.

I will, however, be doubling down on Orlando: Unless I come to my senses between now and the middle of next week, I'll take the Magic in 5 over the Lakers. (And the fact that, of the ESPN experts, only one -- Henry Abbott -- has the Magic makes me feel even better about it.)

Playoff predictions should be like an elimination pool: If you get the winning team wrong (let's set aside how many games it takes), you shouldn't get to pick in the next round. Hell, I'm willing to abide by those rules.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

I'm no Dirk-lover, but can you explain how Hedo's run with the Magic is more impressive than Dirk's run to the finals with the Mavericks 3 years ago? I know you love your "instant history," but come on...

cd said...

Hey Dan,
You should jump on this bandwagon now! LEBRON JAMES = DAN MARINO. Think of the comparisons, unbelievable numbers, going to the championship game early in career, never having the supporting cast to get back to the championship again. Even my wife said this after the game 6 loss!

Adam D.