Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Who Is The Worst Owner in Baseball?

SI ranks Jeffrey Loria at No. 4 on the Worst Owner in Baseball list. If having a "worst owner" meant my team won a freaking World Series -- like the Marlins did in Loria's second year -- I'd take it. (We have this debate all the time: Would you rather win 2 titles in 10 years but suck the other 8 -- like the Marlins -- or win zero titles in 10 years, but make the playoffs a bunch?)

As for the best owner, let's normalize the rankings so we can compare them dollar-for-dollar. How much of John Henry or George Steinbrenner's "best" come from merely spending $200 million a year? (Granted, I'll credit them for the willingness to spend it, even if they are starting from revenue platforms that allow them to spend that much without going broke.)

Give me Stuart Sternberg in Tampa, who does it on a fraction of the budget. I'd love to see what would happen to the Red Sox or Yankees if they could only spend $35 million a year.


Ted Hill said...

Dan, it's not like the Marlins have sucked in the years they have not won the World Series. They have four winning seasons in the last seven. I see what you were saying about winning a title but not being a perrenial contender, but its' not like the Fish have been cellar dwellers for long periods of time like the Pirates or Nationals.

Neil said...

Dan, as a lifelong Expos fan, I can confirm without a doubt that Jeffery Loria is the ABSOLUTE WORST OWNER in all of sport. This would have been the Expos 40th anniversary but instead they're playing to an empty house in DC. Jeffery Loria took my baseball team from me, if that doesn't make him a terrible owner, what does?