Friday, July 03, 2009

Obama: Jordan > Kobe

And, of course, the President is right. It's kind of a ludicrous question, actually.

But consider, just in time for Independence Day, what kind of roll President Obama has been on this year, sports-wise, since he took office:

*Picked the Lakers over the Magic.
*Picked UNC to win the NCAA Tournament.
*Made his NCAA bracket-picking a national event.
*Hosted the Florida Gators at the White House.
*Beat UConn women in White House P-I-G.
*Made the White Sox trendy again.
*Made pick-up hoops the national pastime.
*Supported his biggest backer in Western Pennsylvania all the way to the Super Bowl.
(And I'm sure I'm forgetting something.)

Heading into this 4th of July, I am thankful for a country that elected, among other things, such a die-hard, just-like-you-and-me sports fan.

-- D.S.

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admin said...

it's the everything-else-wise where the president has sucked hard since day 1. picking lakers over magic (ooh! good one!) means nothing to me when the economy is in the toilet.