Saturday, September 12, 2009

College Football Gameday Live-Comment

8:06: Getting ready for Ohio St-USC, a few quick thoughts on the afternoon:

*What a win for Houston! And I'm not just saying that because I used a second chance yesterday to pick the win -- my best prediction in I-can't-remember-how-long. What I'm intrigued by is this: If AP voters thought enough of Oklahoma State's win at home over iffy Georgia to rank them No. 5, shouldn't they boost Houston for beating Oklahoma State at their place? I'll be putting Houston in the Top 10 of my BlogPoll ballot.

*I'm no fan of either Notre Dame or Michigan, but that was a fun game and a huge win for RichRod for building his program in Ann Arbor. I'm not sure it was a particularly strong indicator of success THIS season -- Notre Dame isn't exactly a great defense, and Michigan didn't particularly stop ND's offense -- but it's one of those things he can use in recruiting; years from now, when Michigan is a perennial Top 20 team, we will look back on this win as a big foundation for it.

*Tennessee is going to get shellacked next week at the Swamp. If they can't take care of UCLA in their own house, how will they deal with a very motivated Florida on the road?

*Convincing follow-up win for BYU. Not quite beating Oklahoma, but it showed no sign of let-down (unlike that OTHER team in Oklahoma).

: Houston up early at Oklahoma State. Remember my flip-flop upset special yesterday -- I like Houston here... at least give them a puncher's chance in a game OK St SHOULD win.

What a win for Central Michigan at Michigan State. And what rough day for the Big Ten -- and it could get worse. Fresno State took Wisconsin to OT in Madison before UW pulled it out. Penn State didn't exactly blow out Syracuse. Northwestern needed a last-second FG to beat Eastern Michigan. Indiana barely beat Western Michigan. At least Iowa redeemed itself after last week's near-miss vs. Northern Iowa by thumping Iowa State. Michigan kicks off against Notre Dame in a minute, and ND should be favored. And, of course, Ohio State hosting USC tonight.

Well, after a bit of a too-tense 1st quarter, Florida blew it open on Troy. Tim Tebow accounted for 5 TDs and 300+ yards -- reminiscent of the 2nd game of his 2007 season, when he lit up Troy for roughly the same.

For the 2nd straight game, the Gators' most impressive group was the defense. Final judgment: They may be the No. 1 team in the country, but I'm not sure they played like it this week. We'll have to see how all the other top contenders play, obviously. (I mean: Penn State only beating Syracuse 28-7 wasn't all that impressive. And UNC nearly lost at UConn, which I nearly predicted as an upset... but didn't.)

I will say that the Gators look ready for Tennessee next weekend. I'll be at the Swamp for that, giddily.

Today's Viewing Schedule
Early afternoon: Troy at Florida (PPV)
Late afternoon: ND at Michigan
And: UCLA at Tennessee
And: Houston at Oklahoma St. (Upset Special!)
Evening: USC at Ohio State

10:10 a.m.: Just put on College GameDay -- I love how they are giving Ohio State a chance, when all evidence the past few years points to another disappointing loss.

One commenter yesterday said I better be prepared to say I'm sorry when Ohio State wins -- I'll make the same offer I made to Notre Dame fans last week: If I'm wrong, no more unprovoked dissing Ohio State this season until they do something to earn it. (But if OSU loses, all bets are off.)

Heading out to a birthday party for a 3-year-old friend of my kid's. He is wearing one of his Gator T-shirts and blue-and-orange Nike Florida pants. My 10-month-old is wearing a "Great to Be a Gator" T-shirt. Mrs. Quickie is wearing a blue "Gators" T-shirt. I will put on a Tebow jersey -- but probably after we get home at noon for the game. Not quite sure it's appropriate to wear that (or any jersey) out of the house, let alone to a kid's birthday party. I only have 25 Florida T-shirts to choose from. But, yes: We walk out of the house and look like "that" family. The funny part is the way we walk around the neighborhood on fall Saturdays -- most people look at us like we're freaks; the college football fans all nod their head and say hello. They understand.

More once the noon games start.

-- D.S.


DL said...

Corso has that upset special, too. If it was Dr. Lou, I'd consider rethinking the pick, but we'll have to see if you line up with the Coach, Dan.

Bill Simoni said...

>(But if OSU loses, all bets are off.)

Nice - the team that everyone (outside of Columbus, OH) expects to get blown out ends up losing, and they get unprovoked dissing for the rest of the year. Way to go out on a limb!