Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday 09/12 (Gameday) Quickie

I may have finally gotten my prediction mojo back. After last week's ND-Michigan double-debacle of bad picks, I took underrated Toledo over "name-brand" Colorado. Now, maybe everyone took Toledo over Colorado -- especially with the game in Toledo -- but the only question is now whether Toledo is going to shock Ohio State in Cleveland next week, with tOSU coming off tonight's huge game against USC. (I'll say it: Yes, Toledo will stun the Buckeyes. Of course, it could just be that Colorado is terrible.)

I'll have an open post all day long, tracking the games, with Twitter updates running on the side.

Jordan elected to Hoops hall: In case you didn't see it yesterday, here was my analysis yesterday of the similarities between basketball's GOAT and college football's potential GOAT. I liked how Jordan got a little choked up at the beginning, and I loved how he went through the litany of folks who gave him motivation.

(Yahoo's Woj had a different -- and smart -- take: Jordan was being petty. It does beg the question: Did Woj not watch Jordan throughout his career? The whole thing was about petty score-settling.)

BTW: "Yvette Prieto" is blowing up Google Trends -- that's Michael Jordan's girlfriend, a former Cuban model (of course she is).

The case against Shawne Merriman was dismissed: How many talking-heads and writers and bloggers made hay off this story? How many will say: Oops, we were wrong?

MLB: Jeter passes Gehrig for career Yankee hits. It's a testament to the franchise that Jeter doesn't even crack the Top 3 Yankees in history... Unsurprisingly, the Phillies beat the Mets (no matter who's working out of the bullpen)... Jair Jurrgens... If it wasn't closed a few weeks ago, I think the Dodgers shut the door on the Giants' playoff hopes (the Rockies win again)... Angels win 4th straight -- are the Yankees or Dodgers the team to beat in the AL?

More coming later today -- it's college football gameday.

-- D.S.

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