Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday 09/28 (Very) Quickie

Feels weird to do an early-evening edition of this post, rather than an early-morning edition. Like I'm working for a newspaper in the 1950s!

Just a couple headlines, then back in full force tomorrow in the SN column and right here:

*Tebow, the Latest: Meyer "THINKS" Tebow will play vs. LSU, doesn't "KNOW." I may be bullish, but I think Florida can beat LSU at LSU without Tebow -- why risk it?

*Obama going to bat for Chicago 2016 Olympics. And I think he'll be the closer, too.

*Twins-Tigers: Any hope of the final week of the baseball season being at all dramatic comes down to these 4 games, which Minnesota must go 3-1 at worst, but ideally sweep. (NL Wild Card: More interesting than it deserves to be.)

*MNF: More Cowboys Stadium porn, I presume. I'll pass. After last week's House season-premiere (had to watch on iTunes a few days after the fact), I'm back on night-of viewing.

More tomorrow. I have to go eat...a lot.

-- D.S.

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