Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tebow Updates Today on

As has been the case since Saturday night, has been cranking on the Tim Tebow concussion story, relaying the latest news, highlighting the best analysis and explaining how it all fits together. In the last 24 hours alone...

*The biggest Tebow issue: Not CAN he play or WILL he play...but SHOULD he play?

*This week's Tebow column on Yahoo's Dr. Saturday: SHOULD Tebow play?

For the record, I am suspicious that he will be so healed in just two weeks that playing against LSU would be without any risk of further short-term or long-term injury or recovery needs.

But I actually think that Florida can -- and will -- beat LSU without Tebow, with John Brantley starting at QB. The D is that good. The RBs are that good. The special teams are that good.

(I'll get into this as we get closer to the game -- 11 days away...god, has it only been 4 days since the concussion? -- but there is a fascinating implication of the above statement: Florida is so good they can win their toughest game of the regular season WITHOUT Tebow? Or....)

*Is all the talk about Tebow possibly playing a genius ploy to get in LSU's head?

*Must-read quotes from (and reaction to)'s Chris Low and LSU's Les Miles.

*Eh: Couldn't help but take a dig at Gregg Doyel's flawed take on Urban Meyer.

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