Thursday, September 03, 2009

TimTeblog Today: Debunking Backlash Myth

Two days before Florida's season opener, here are the new posts you can find on today:

*Debunking (yet again) the Tebow "backlash" myth.

(Interesting: I have heard from a bunch of folks questioning my take. Again: There are always going to be noisy extremists on message boards. Maybe I'm oversimplifying -- or projecting -- but it feels like most fans like him, most opposing fans begrudgingly respect him and although most fans can agree he gets a LOT of media coverage, it's not unreasonable why he earns it.)

*Tebow Quote of the Day from the must-read Alligator Army.

(I'm not sure AA is a particularly big fan of mine, and I'm more than happy to defer to the hierarchy AA lays out in the quote that Tebow belongs to Florida alumni and students, discounting people with a regional/childhood fandom or... um... fans like me.)

*The defining word of Tebow's 2009 season: Expectations.

(An expanded version of the Quickie lead today. The upshot: Yes, the expectations are crushing. But you get the sense that Tebow -- and Meyer and Spikes -- would have it no other way.)

In case you missed it:
*Tebow leads preseason poll.
*An incredibly relevant quote from Pete Carroll.
*Tim Tebow vs. Steve Young: Will Tebow get a Bill Walsh?

-- D.S.

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