Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday 08/30 (Very) Quickie

NCAA violations at Michigan football? With RichRod, who DIDN'T see this coming?

(Sounds like RichRod flagrantly violated the rules about how much time the players can spend working out in the summer. You always figured that most elite programs got around this by having the players work out as much as they can on a "voluntary" basis, but this seems more "from-the-top.")

Matt Cassel: Injured! It's his leg, and who knows how bad it really is, but is sure seems like a bit of karmic payback for how his career took off last year.

(The question needs to be asked: Was KC really going to turn it around this year? If not, why not skip the cost of trading for -- and paying for -- Cassel, give up on the season and get Sam Bradford, who will be 10 times the NFL QB that Cassel is.)

Cliff Lee for NL Cy: It's over! Beyond the way I relented that Tim Lincecum was the best in the NL -- and MLB -- Lee was only going to keep my support if he kept dominating. Instead, he got shellacked by the Braves.

Meanwhile, speaking of the Giants, if they're getting great performances out of Barry Zito at the end of August in must-have head-to-head game with the Rockies, they may not be out just yet.

I think Miles Austin just went up fantasy draft boards. He didn't score, but he looks like he could emerge as the Cowboys' top option at WR. Meanwhile, is Felix Jones not just the home-run threat, but the guy who will get the ball from the Cowboys near the goal line?

Chad Ochocinco scooped the media by reporting Andre Smith's signing through his Twitter feed.

Did Brady Quinn just lock up the Browns' starting QB job?

Is Scott Feldman the best Jewish pitcher since Steve Stone?

Am I concerned that Florida freshman sensation Andre Debose has a major hamstring injury? Not really. Even though he was expected to help out at the "Percy Position," the Gators have three players ahead of him on that depth chart. As good as Debose is, he was never going to be as good as Percy was as a freshman. Give him the redshirt and turn him loose in '10.

USC loses starting WR Ronald Johnson. Not as big as, say, losing Damien Williams, but a big blow. Good thing they have like 6 h.s. all-Americans sitting behind him. Still: One more omen that this won't be USC's year in the Pac-10.

LLWS: California leaves no doubt in LLWS US title game, will face Taiwan today in the final.

-- D.S.

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