Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 08/29 (Very) Quickie reasons to be concerned about Tom Brady's shoulder after Albert Haynesworth crushed it?

Albert Pujols game-winning walk-off HR: It's not that Pujols is merely the 2009 NL MVP in a runaway... or the best active player in baseball, again in a runaway... I think when it's all over we will realize he is a Top 5 player of all-time.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' 1st-team offense just steamrolled the Cards last night (but Beanie Wells made his statement with 2 TDs)

Tim Lincecum rules: I officially clarify my "Cliff Lee for NL Cy" as an earnest bit of fun-ish cheerleading that has no basis in the reality that Tim Lincecum is the best pitcher in baseball... again.

Am I still thinking of '08 or '07 Scott Kazmir when I contend he's going to be the X-factor of the AL playoffs?

Brandon Marshall isn't worth the headaches... especially when your starting QB is Kyle Orton.

Anyone else watch that HS football game last night between Top 10 Smith (VA) and Venice (FL) on ESPNU? No? Featuring QB Phillip Sims (headed to Alabama) and QB Trey Burton (Florida)? No? Well, both looked good -- Sims looked particularly good. (Sure, you could say I need a life, but when you have two kids under the age of 3, you don't have much of one. Friday night TV is it!)

Will any punters just keep hitting the Dallas jumbotron, over and over, just to be a dick about the rule that says any punt that hits the jumbotron is replayed?

Who's watching LLWS today?

-- D.S.


JX said...

Albert Pujols has a chance to be this generations Mickey Mantle, only without the (known) alcohol and injury problems.

meaning - 40 years from now kids of this generation who love baseball (sad you have to preface it that way since, unlike Mantle's era, not all boys love baseball) will think of Albert in the godlike high regard that people of, say, Bob Costas's generation hold The Mick.

nsrrder said...

Actually Dan, punters could use that strategy to give their defense a little more extra sideline rest...which I believe will ultimately get the boards raised.

SwaggerTooth said...

Ruth, Aaron, Mantle, Williams, Mays. Lets not get ahead of ourselves.